Six-year-old paediatric patient dies at Caritas Medical Centre from pneumonia complicated by MRSA infection

Caritas Medical Centre

3rd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) Caritas Medical Centre (CMC) spokesperson announced today that a six-year-old female pediatric patient with a chronic illness from the Developmental Disabilities Unit has passed away due to pneumonia. The patient’s clinical specimen confirmed an infection by Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Following infection control guidelines, the hospital conducted contact tracing, leading to the identification of eleven more pediatric patients (six females and five males, aged four to 13) in the same ward who were found to be MRSA carriers without any symptoms of infection. These patients are currently in stable condition and receiving isolation treatment.

In response to the situation, CMC has implemented enhanced infection control measures in accordance with prevailing guidelines. Contact precautions, rigorous hand hygiene practices, thorough cleaning and disinfection of the environment and equipment have been reinforced. Visiting arrangements for the affected ward have been temporarily suspended to prevent the potential spread of the infection.

The hospital remains vigilant and will continue to closely monitor the situation in the affected ward. The cases have been reported to the Hospital Authority Head Office and the Centre for Health Protection for further follow-up and guidance.

MRSA is a type of bacteria that is resistant to many commonly used antibiotics. It can cause severe infections, especially in healthcare settings and among individuals with weakened immune systems. Infection control measures are crucial in preventing the spread of MRSA and protecting vulnerable patients from potential harm.