Six men arrested for drug possession and obstruction of justice after altercation with police officers in Ngau Tau Kok


29th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the early hours of today, a video circulated on the internet showing three police officers apprehending a male suspect in the street while several onlookers, including some recording on their phones, watched nearby. During the incident, two men attempted to pull the officers away and help the suspect escape, while shouting “hit me, hit me” amidst the chaos. The suspect managed to break free and fled the scene, with the officers in pursuit through the crowd.

The incident took place on Hang On Street near Luen On Street in Ngau Tau Kok. According to reports, the officers were on patrol in the area around 11:10 pm on May 28 when they noticed two men acting suspiciously outside a car. One of the men, wearing a white shirt, quickly threw a package suspected to contain drugs on the ground when approached by the officers. As they attempted to pick up the package, the man tried to grab it back, and a scuffle ensued, with four other men joining in. Eventually, the officers arrested six men and seized a small amount of suspected ketamine. The case is being handled as a drug possession and obstruction of justice investigation.