Singer Maria Cordero’s involvement in JPEX promotional video allegedly sparks revenge from aggrieved parties, publicly denies allegations

    Maria Cordero

    19th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) A recent series of events surrounding the virtual asset trading platform JPEX has captured significant attention from various sectors of society. The controversy has escalated to involve several well-known celebrities, namely Julian Cheung Chi-lam and Jacqueline Ch’ng. Yesterday (18th), the police arrested Joseph Lam-chok on charges of “conspiracy to defraud,” and internet personality Chan Yee on allegations of operating a cryptocurrency exchange shop.

    Recent reports have indicated that Maria Cordero, in the entertainment industry, had previously assisted the cryptocurrency education institute “CryptoPARD” in producing promotional videos. As a result, her name has been implicated in the list of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) associated with the JPEX case. There are rumours circulating that some aggrieved parties involved in the case are considering seeking revenge against the KOLs on the list. In response to these allegations, Maria Cordero has publicly denied any involvement.

    It is worth noting that Julian Cheung Chi-lam, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, had previously served as the JPEX brand ambassador for the Hong Kong region and has recently found himself entangled in the controversy.

    Yesterday (18th), Joseph Lam-chok was apprehended by the police, who escorted him into a police vehicle and took him to the police station for questioning. He was released on bail this evening.

    Maria Cordero claims to have limited knowledge about the details of the JPEX incident and vehemently denies any wrongdoing. She admits only to having enrolled in related courses in the past, finding them affordable and recommending them to friends. Regarding the matter of aggrieved parties seeking debt repayment and retribution, she clarifies that the virtual currency she possesses is not JPC coin, the currency associated with the JPEX platform. Therefore, she asserts that she is not implicated in the events surrounding the controversy.

    In a separate incident in April of this year, a dark pink Lamborghini bearing a customised licence plate and the words “CryptoPARD” written on the side was involved in a collision with a taxi near the entrance of Cross Harbour Tunnel, opposite the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, while driving along Hong Chong Road towards Hong Kong Island. The taxi driver, a 61-year-old man surnamed Ng, sustained neck injuries and was promptly taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for medical treatment. The Lamborghini driver, a 35-year-old man surnamed Chan, was found to be under the influence of alcohol and refused to undergo a breathalyser test, resulting in his arrest for failing to provide a sample. Adding to the car’s notoriety, in November 2022, a woman driving the same Lamborghini was locked out of the vehicle after parking it at City One-Shatin, leading to public outrage. The car’s affiliation with a cryptocurrency platform, as evidenced by its logo, fueled speculation of a potential publicity stunt.

    The owner of the Lamborghini, who is also the founder of the dubious cryptocurrency school, and their partner paid a fine of HK$960 to regain access to the vehicle and issued apologies to those affected by the incident. However, the company’s website does not display the full name of the enterprise, and searches of company registration and business records have failed to reveal the platform’s identity. The director of the company holding the trademark for the car remains unknown.