Singer Jenny Tseng blasts Lee Lung-kei for exploiting controversy over his fiancee’s legal case to boost his career

    Insert picture: Lee Kung Kei. Jenny Tseng

    3rd March 2024 – (Hong Kong) 73-year-old Hong Kong actor Lee Lung-kei finds himself at the centre of media attention as his fiancée, Chris Wang, has been detained by immigration authorities for overstaying her residency in Hong Kong. Wang, was arrested on 19th February and is facing six charges, including overstaying her residency and using false documents. Currently, she is being held at the Tai Lam Centre for Women.

    Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding his fiancée, Lee Lung-kei has chosen to maintain a stoic silence. Recently, he made a public announcement stating that he would refrain from discussing the matter any further and would not respond to inquiries related to the case. Instead, Lee Lung-kei took the opportunity to promote his own music, urging his fans to focus on his artistic endeavors.

    The incident involving Lee Lung-kei and Chris Wang has become the talk of the town, with many people eagerly following the latest developments. Even veteran singer Jenny Tseng, has been paying attention to the news and openly discussing the matter on social media.

    Jenny Tseng recently commented on the situation, expressing her thoughts on Lee Lung-kei’s predicament. She wrote, “Brother Kei’s once brilliant life has been destroyed in an instant. It’s a tragedy that has harmed both himself and others. This farcical drama has achieved nothing but causing unnecessary trouble. Why let oneself be entangled in legal disputes at this stage of life? It’s supposed to be a time for enjoying the fruits of one’s labour!”

    Furthermore, when Jenny Tseng saw Lee Lung-kei visiting Chris Wang at the Tai Lam Centre for Women, she hinted at his intention to hold a solo concert and capitalised on the situation for self-promotion, fuelling rumours of opportunistic profiteering. Jenny Tseng continued her criticism, stating, “Brother Kei is not an innocent victim; he is well aware of the situation and has played a part in its creation. He pretends to be naive, seeking sympathy during a slow news cycle, with a bunch of supporting actors dancing to his tune. They can be easily discarded when no longer useful. It’s just a warm-up act before the real show! It’s like playing the role of a pig devouring a tiger!” Jenny Tseng’s remarks highlight her fearless and outspoken nature.