Singer Faye Wong spotted at Beijing airport with daughter Li Yan

    Faye Wong (left) and her daughter (right).

    1st April 2024 – (Beijing) In recent years, renowned singer Faye Wong has embraced a semi-retired lifestyle, enjoying her time away from the spotlight. However, she occasionally finds herself captured in candid moments by fans. Just a couple of days ago, on the 30th of March, Faye Wong was spotted at Beijing Airport, accompanied by her daughter Li Yan. The sighting has sparked discussions among fans and followers.

    Faye Wong and her former husband Li Yapeng share a daughter named Li Yan, who will turn 18 this May. The mother-daughter duo’s appearance at the airport attracted a massive crowd of onlookers. In the photos that surfaced online, Faye Wong can be seen wearing a beige sweater paired with loose trousers, projecting a casual and relaxed style. She graciously signed autographs and received letters from her fans. On the other hand, Li Yan opted for a simple and sleek black outfit, seemingly accustomed to her mother’s star aura. She patiently stood by her side, inheriting her mother’s grace and charm. Li Yan’s growth is evident as she now stands almost as tall as Faye Wong herself.

    The release of these photos quickly made the rounds on social media, with the keywords “Faye Wong and Li Yan at the airport” trending. The exceptional state of the mother-daughter duo garnered numerous comments from netizens, praising their well-maintained appearances. Comments such as “They take good care of themselves,” “Li Yan has grown so tall,” “They look great in casual attire,” “Faye Wong remains elegant and beautiful after all these years,” “Her daughter truly possesses an innate elegance,” and “The goddess looks so youthful” flooded the online platforms.