Singer CoCo Lee dies after 12 years of marriage, 9 failed artificial insemination attempts, and self-administered injections

    CoCo Lee (left) and her husband (right).

    6th July 2023 – (Hong Kong) The music industry was struck with the news of the passing of the beloved singer CoCo Lee yesterday. At only 48 years old, she has left behind a legacy of musical excellence that has touched the hearts of many. Despite her success in the music industry, Lee’s deepest desire was to become a good wife and mother. She had been married to her Canadian tycoon husband Bruce Rockowitz for 12 years, but the couple struggled to conceive a child.

    Lee, who had been based in Los Angeles with her husband, had undergone 9 rounds of artificial insemination in the hope of becoming pregnant. She spoke candidly about her experience during an interview in March 2018, saying, “The process is very difficult. I have a lot of respect for women who go through this. You have to take injections for 10 to 14 days, but I had to take them for three weeks because my body didn’t respond. I had to take more injections, and they were very painful. I also had to give myself injections, which was very difficult. But I had to tell myself that I could do it.”

    Despite her struggles, Lee remained hopeful and expressed her desire to have two children. “I hope I can have two children, but I’m grateful for any gift that God gives me. If it’s not meant to be, then it’s not meant to be. But I hope it will happen,” she said.

    Lee’s career had reached great heights, earning her fame across China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. She had also released four English albums, cementing her status as an international superstar. The news of her passing has left many fans and fellow musicians in shock and mourning.

    Lee’s struggle with infertility and her candidness about it has shed light on the issue and inspired many women to speak out and seek help. Her legacy lives on not only in her music but also in her bravery and openness about her personal struggles.

    Lee was found unconscious in the bathroom of her sister’s residence in The Peak on 2nd July, having allegedly cut her wrists with a sharp object. Her foreign domestic helper was the first to find her and reported the incident to the police. Lee was immediately taken to Queen Mary Hospital, where she was resuscitated but remained in critical condition. After three days in the hospital, she passed away yesterday.