Singer Alex To triumphs at Taipei Arena with family-inspired performance


    21st May 2024 – (Taipei) Alex To, singer and actor from Hong Kong, captivated an overflowing crowd at the Taipei Arena on 18th May.

    The concert, part of To’s “Get Up” world tour, was not just a musical event but a familial celebration that bridged three generations. Among the attendees were celebrities like Tony Leung Ka-fai and his wife, Kenny Bee and his wife, and Kamiyama Anna, all of whom had flown in from Hong Kong to support To.

    Throughout the evening, To performed nearly 30 songs, illustrating his extensive repertoire and his ability to connect with fans across generations. The concert atmosphere was electric, filled with the enthusiasm of fans who were visibly moved by To’s performance and his interaction with the audience.

    A poignant highlight of the evening was the debut performance of To’s son, AJ, who joined him on stage. In a touching tribute to family ties and musical legacy, they performed a virtual duet with To’s father, creating a cross-generational musical ensemble that was both unique and emotionally charged.