Singapore Airlines flight descends rapidly by nearly 6,000 feet, air stewardess suffers facial injuries


21st May 2024 – (Singapore) A Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft travelling from London Heathrow Airport to Singapore Changi Airport encountered severe turbulence mid-flight on Tuesday (21st), resulting in injuries and loss of 2 lives. According to reports citing flight data, the aircraft experienced a rapid descent of nearly 6,000 feet at one point.

The incident occurred as the aircraft was crossing the Andaman Sea and nearing Thailand. In a span of just five minutes, the plane descended from an altitude of approximately 37,000 feet to 31,000 feet, indicating a drop of nearly 6,000 feet, as reported by the real-time flight monitoring website “Flightradar24.”

Passenger Dzafran Azmir described the terrifying ordeal to British media, stating, “The plane tilted and started shaking, and suddenly it descended sharply, throwing off anyone who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt onto the ceiling.” He further explained that some passengers’ heads hit the overhead compartments, causing them to become dented. A circulated photograph also showed a flight attendant with blood streaming down her face.

The exact number of injuries and the severity of the situation are yet to be confirmed. Singapore Airlines is expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and provide further updates. The safety and well-being of passengers and crew remain the airline’s top priority.