Singapore Airlines enhances safety measures, halts meal services during turbulence


23rd May 2024 – (Singapore) Singapore Airlines (SIA) has announced further enhancements to its in-flight service protocols, now including the suspension of meal services whenever the seat belt sign is activated. This decision follows a recent incident involving severe turbulence on flight SQ321 from London to Singapore, which necessitated an emergency landing in Bangkok and resulted in one fatality and numerous injuries.

The airline, responding to queries from CNA on Thursday, 23rd May, described the move as part of a “more cautious approach” to managing in-flight turbulence. “In addition to the suspension of hot beverage service when the seat belt sign is on, the meal service will also be suspended,” an SIA spokesperson stated.

The existing procedures for securing all loose items and equipment during poor weather conditions will remain in place. Additionally, the crew will continue to ensure that passengers return to their seats and fasten their seat belts, and will provide assistance to those needing help, including passengers in lavatories.

Crew members are also instructed to secure themselves in their seats during such times. “Pilots and cabin crew are aware of the hazards associated with turbulence and are trained to assist customers and ensure cabin safety throughout the flight,” SIA added.