Singapore Airlines cargo plane bound for Shanghai makes emergency landing at HK International Airport due to suspected fire


25th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Singapore Airlines Cargo plane with flight number SQ7858 made an emergency landing at the Hong Kong International Airport yesterday night. The incident occurred when the cockpit warning lights suddenly lit up, leading the crew to suspect that there might be a fire in the cargo hold.

Upon receiving the report, the airport’s emergency response teams quickly dispatched several fire and ambulance vehicles to the runway. However, upon inspection of the cargo plane, no signs of smoke or fire were found. The aircraft only had the captain and the co-pilot on board, and fortunately, neither of them sustained any injuries during the ordeal.

Due to the emergency landing, the north runway had to be closed for some time, causing flight delays and cancellations. The Singapore Airlines Cargo plane had departed from Singapore and was en route to Shanghai Pudong International Airport before the incident happened.

Singapore Airlines Cargo plane is one of the most trusted cargo carriers in the world, and the company has been providing safe and reliable services for over three decades. The airline has a fleet of modern aircraft, including the Boeing 747-412F, which is often used for long-haul flights.