Silent vlogs from HK, Philippines, Indonesia, Europe and Azerbaijan to watch during the festive season

Picture credit: Ame Life

21st December 2022 – (Hong Kong) Living in a city like Hong Kong where we are so intertwined with work and social life makes it difficult for us to practise mindfulness. We are constantly bombarded with our friends’ hectic lifestyle on Instagram stories showing off the latest eateries, travel diaries but there are moments during the cold December nights, we just want to watch some silent vlogs on social media that are less intrusive and can give us the peace of mind we need after a day’s work. Silent vlogs have been gracing YouTube for more than five years, but it wasn’t until COVID-19 pandemic drove people to the confines of their own homes that the subgenre truly gained traction. With an increased time spent indoors came an increased motivation to elevate the space the time was spent at. The art of slow living and home maintenance boomed as viewers turned to silent vlogs to redefine the label ‘confines of their home’ to ‘comforts of their home’. Silent vlogs contradict the clickbait-ridden nature of the Youtube platform and indicates a new era in its ecosystem, aimed at a diversified demographic.

Silent vlogs are also philosophical. These videos usually have one main subject, in isolation from the rest of the world, showcasing elements necessary for human survival: food and housing. These vloggers centre their content around subsistence: cooking their own food in their kitchen, keeping their indoor space tidy, and some even own a small vegetable garden that provides the bare minimum for survival. The pandemic naturally drew many people’s attention inwards and led them to return to essential things necessary for human survival: food, a roof on top of their head, and companionship. Perhaps, the latter was the only vital element missing from their isolation and led consumers to be drawn to silent vloggers who they could identify with, but also make them feel less alone.

Part of a broader movement towards ‘slow living’, silent vlogs are characterised by the absence of both auditory monologues and dialogues, says Malavika Pradeep on In essence, viewers would be greeted with the sounds of life—drawing of curtains, boiling of water, sizzling of a pan—in stark contrast to the overused “Hey guys.” The nature of the content is predominantly domestic. The vloggers are mostly anonymous as they do not want to be recognised. Think minimalism and mindfulness, effortlessly weaved into a soothing narrative to embrace viewers with the euphoria of less. Featuring vloggers carrying out their daily chores, from making their beds in the morning to wiping down the kitchen counters at night, silent vlogs essentially reframe mundane activities into tiny, hypnotic celebrations of their own.

Creating videos without revealing one’s identity has been a popular approach among those who value privacy, which is relatively common in some East Asian cultures. However, in recent years, the trend has spread to other parts of Asia including Indonesia, Philippines, Europe and other parts of the world. However, this is not the only reason this unique vlogging format has emerged. Silent vlogs often focus on routine, daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, journaling and sewing in a calm atmosphere accompanied by soothing music or ASMR-like natural sounds. This style helps viewers appreciate the quiet moments and relax by being taken on a short escape from their busy, stressful daily lives. Silent vloggers also help us discover the fun and beauty of everyday activities, enabling us to appreciate small tasks and activities in ways we never imagined before. In addition, we can also pick up new recipes, new home improvement skills, discover new places in the cities viewers happen to live in and also gain an insight into other peoples’ lives which we would never have a chance to know.

Here is a selection of some of the lesser known silent vloggers who produce high-quality videos from Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Europe and U.S. that can generate a sense of elegant reality in normal daily routine. We have however included one popular channel from Azerbaijan as it features village life in the former Soviet republic. All the vlogs are carefully curated to fit a certain aesthetic, be it modern chic, decorating for Christmas, cottage core, village life or dark academia, which allows for a specific demographic to be drawn to a particular channel. This gives the viewers the experience of the glamorised reality of these vloggers’ lives that are close enough to their own to gain vicarious satisfaction. Enjoy!

8 Paws in Lalaland from Hong Kong @8pawsinlalaland208
Ame Life from Tokyo @AmeLIFEHOUSE

Takasu Tile from countryside in Japan @TAKASUTILE

YazzVlog from Indonesia @yazzvlog4847

Simple Dee from Philippines @DeeSimpleSlowLife

Life in Finland @Kahvihuone8487
Poetry Of Slow Life from U.K. @IamDaria

However, a unique Youtube channel also caught our attention. It is a countryside silent vlog in Azerbaijan which engages with nature and cooking. You must not miss this if you have not come across!

Country Life Vlog from Azerbaijan @country_life_vlog