Signal system issue disrupts MTR East Rail Line, trains rescheduled to run every 4 to 15 minutes from 5.30pm


24th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A signalling system component malfunction at the Sheung Shui station on MTR East Rail Line disrupted services heading towards Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau. The glitch, identified just before the morning rush hour, prompted an urgent response from MTR engineers.

According to an MTR spokesperson, the fault arose after a replacement of a track switch component, which was not calibrated correctly overnight. This misalignment led to operational disruptions, necessitating an immediate adjustment in train schedules during peak hours.

Starting at 5.30 PM this evening, the frequency of trains was temporarily modified to run every 4 to 15 minutes to accommodate the evening rush. Following the peak period, the service resumed its normal off-peak schedule.

Further assessments by MTR technical teams concluded that additional time was required to fine-tune the newly installed component to ensure its smooth integration into the existing network. The repair work is scheduled to continue after service hours tonight to minimise passenger inconvenience.

An MTR representative stated, “Our engineering staff are diligently working to resolve the issue and restore regular service as swiftly as possible. We appreciate the understanding and patience of our passengers during this period.”