Signal No.8SE may be lowered to Typhoon Signal No.3 in Macao between evening and night time today


2nd July 2022 – (Macao) Signal No.8SE is still in effect in Macao. The Signal No.8SE will remain in effect this afternoon. At 2pm, Typhoon Chaba is located about 260 km west-southwest of Macao and moves toward the western coast of Guangdong province.

Chaba is slowly moving northwest and is expected to make landfall between Zhanjiang and Maoming from the afternoon to evening. As the path of ” Chaba ” is further north than expected and its moving speed is slower, the impact on Macau will remain during the afternoon. As a result, typhoon signal No. 8 will remain in force in the afternoon. There is a high possibility that Typhoon Signal No.3 may be hoisted between evening and night time today.

Under the influence of the rainband of “Chaba”, occasionally heavy showers and thunderstorms, with wind force level 7 – 8 and gusts are expected in Macao today. In addition, all storm surge warnings are cancelled at 2pm as the astronomical tide height is falling and the water level in the Inner Harbour area is decreasing.