Showers and thunderstorms to continue to affect HK for next few days, temperature to drop to a low of 19°C on Monday


11th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory said that an active trough of low pressure is bringing showers and thunderstorms to the coast of Guangdong. Locally, more than 20 millimetres of rainfall were recorded over many places this morning, and rainfall even exceeded 70 millimetres over Sai Kung District. Showers and thunderstorms associated with an active trough of low pressure will continue to affect Hong Kong today. The Observatory appeals to the public to pay attention to the latest weather information.

The Observatory recorded a temperature of 25 degrees and a relative humidity of 95 percent at 7am. A thunderstorm warning is now in effect. The Observatory predicts that it will be cloudy in Hong Kong today with showers and squally thunderstorms. The rain will be heavy at first at times. The maximum temperature will be about 28 degrees. Temperature will continue to drop to a low of 19°C on Monday.

There will be showers in the next few days. Showers will be heavy at times with squally thunderstorms. Temperatures will be slightly lower early next week

Source: Hong Kong Observatory