Shoppers seated in carts stir controversy at Sam’s Club in Shenzhen


17th April 2024 – (Shenzhen) In a recent incident at a Sam’s Club in Shenzhen, the behaviour of several customers has sparked a wave of criticism online and raised questions about public decorum in shared spaces. The controversy began when photographs surfaced showing shoppers seated in shopping carts, a practice deemed both unsanitary and unsafe by the store management.

On Tuesday, online forums were abuzz with comments from a shopper who witnessed multiple instances of this behaviour, primarily involving women, during a single visit. The individual expressed disgust and concern over the hygiene implications, particularly since carts are intended for food and clothing. “It’s baffling whether they are too tired to walk or are ill, but if mobility is an issue, wheelchairs should be provided by the mall,” the concerned shopper noted.

Responding to the incident, a spokesperson for Sam’s Club stated on Wednesday that such actions pose significant health and safety risks. The store takes these concerns seriously, although such incidents are rare. Staff are instructed to promptly address any such behaviour they encounter.

The online community has reacted strongly, with comments ranging from sarcastic jibes about ‘adult babies’ to calls for greater empathy towards individuals with disabilities. Suggestions include equipping stores with wheelchairs to better accommodate all customers, reflecting a broader discussion about accessibility and public behaviour standards.