Shocking videos show violent protesters hurling objects at oncoming vehicles in front of Cross Harbour Tunnel and thrashing a driver of a vehicle


7th August 2019 – A mainland Chinese media recently published a video which shows radical protesters blocked off Cross Harbour Tunnel at Hong Kong side with traffic barriers and barricades on 5th August at around 11.03am. Most pro-democracy media outlets in Hong Kong have purportedly avoided publishing it as the protesters’ actions were reckless and they severely jeopardised other road users.

In the video, we could see a few of them initially dragged the traffic barriers and hurled them to the middle of the highway oblivious to the fast approaching vehicles. Meanwhile, some of them continued to place traffic cones to obstruct vehicles from behind. Some of the vehicles including buses and trucks manoeuvred their ways in between the barriers while protesters threw sticks and fire extinguishes at oncoming vehicles.

Highway maintenance staff eventually removed the barricades and objects at around 11.16am and restored the traffic.

In another video which was not shared by mainstream video locally, a driver of vehicle was dragged out from his 7-seater vehicle and assaulted non-stop by the violent protesters.