Shocking video which shows mainland Chinese host savouring bat cooked in soup sends the world into frenzy


23rd January 2020 – (Hong Kong) Spokesperson for National Health Commission in China announced that Huanan Seafood Fishery Wholesale Market was involved in selling illegal wildlife animals and game meat. According to the latest medical investigation, the source of coronavirus came from mammals and not livestock. Since 10am today, Wuhan city, the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak has been put on lockdown by the government. The city is in effective quarantine, with air, bus, ferry and rail terminals all closed in a bid to prevent people leaving the city and potentially spreading the disease even further around the country.

Bat served in soup.

An undated video was uploaded on social media yesterday to show a purported mainland Chinese host eating a bat cooked in soup. The bat was served as a whole in the soup without its skin removed. Wang Mengyun, the host of an online travel show wrote on her blog recently to apologise over the incident as she was not aware that bats are one of the major causes of novel coronavirus. The video was made three years ago.

The video has caused public outrage as many people attribute the cause of the novel coronavirus to the abhorrent choice of game meat by these mainland Chinese.

However, the bat served in soup was also argued by some netizens to be served in Palau and not mainland China.