Shih Tzu dog without leash hit by taxi in Causeway Bay


30th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) A taxi driver was driving along Hing Fat Street in Causeway Bay at 11.52pm yesterday, planning to head towards the Eastern Corridor. However, as the taxi reached the intersection of Wing Hing Street, a white Shih Tzu dog suddenly ran out from the left side of the road without a leash. The dog’s female owner tried to stop it but failed, and the taxi was unable to stop in time. The taxi driver suspected that he accidentally ran over the dog. The woman narrowly avoided being hit and immediately reported the accident to the police.

Upon receiving the report, firefighters from the nearby Causeway Bay Fire Station rushed to the scene to provide assistance. They rescued the unconscious Shih Tzu dog from underneath the taxi and transported it to a veterinary clinic for emergency treatment. The woman, who was in her twenties, left her contact information and promptly took another taxi with her beloved dog to seek medical attention.

Police officers who arrived at the scene reviewed the taxi’s dashcam footage. A 40-year-old taxi driver surnamed Chan was also present at the scene to assist in the investigation. He recounted that the Shih Tzu dog was lying between the front and rear wheels of the taxi, barely breathing, and the female owner was crying in shock. Chan expressed his helplessness towards the accident and revealed that he had hit a small wild boar while driving on Nam Fung Road six months ago, causing damage to his vehicle’s pump handle and having to pay for its repair out of his own pocket.