Sheung Yeung Village in Clear Water Bay faces fire incident as grieving homeowner’s candle ignites furniture


30th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) In Sheung Yeung Village, Clear Water Bay, a fire broke out in front of a village house today (30th) at 2.51am. The intense flames engulfed a piece of furniture and spread to an electrical box, causing a nearby air conditioner to be burned and fall to the ground. The walls of the house were left charred as the homeowner, upon witnessing the situation, attempted to extinguish the fire but unfortunately failed, sustaining burns to her hand. Subsequently, she reported the incident and sought help.

Upon receiving the report, the fire department swiftly arrived at the scene and deployed hoses to extinguish the fire. Paramedics provided initial treatment to the female homeowner, and fortunately, she did not require hospitalization. During the incident, 16 residents evacuated on their own accord. The fire department believes there is no suspicious cause for the fire. It is reported that the female homeowner had recently lost her brother, and in remembrance, she lit a white candle outside the door. It is suspected that the flame from the candle accidentally ignited a nearby sofa, leading to the fire incident.