Shenzhen engulfed by heavy rainfall, city on high alert


23rd April 2024 – (Shenzhen) Shenzhen is currently on high alert as torrential rains have gripped the city, leading to widespread flooding and logistical challenges. The Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau has issued a yellow warning for heavy rain and strong thunderstorms, urging residents to brace for severe weather conditions.

Early this morning, dark clouds descended upon the city, transforming daylight into darkness, an ominous sign captured vividly in images and videos shared by locals. Particularly affected were areas like Longhua Minzhi and Bao’an District, where streets were submerged, electric bikes were overwhelmed by water, and manhole covers burst open, creating hazardous conditions for motorists.

According to the official Weibo account of the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau, by noon, the Shenzhen Airport Station in Bao’an District recorded a substantial hourly rainfall of 37.1mm. The water levels of the Shuangjie River surged alarmingly in response to the downpour. Prior to the storm, the Bao’an Drainage Company had deployed personnel at flood-prone areas to mitigate the impact.

Over the past three hours, the accumulated rainfall across Shenzhen has reached levels categorized as heavy to severe, with expectations of continued precipitation for another two to three hours. Notable districts such as Luohu, Nanshan, Futian, Bao’an, Guangming, Longhua, and Longgang have been particularly hard hit.

By 11am today, the meteorological bureau upgraded the warning to a red alert for heavy rainfall for the aforementioned districts, signalling an emergency state for the entire city. Residents are advised to take immediate precautions, avoid low-lying flood-prone areas, and heed warnings of potential landslides, flash floods, and other related disasters. Schools, including kindergartens and primary institutions, have been instructed to follow specific safety protocols tailored to these extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, the weather forecast for the remainder of the week in Shenzhen remains unstable with frequent thunderstorms expected. The next few days, from the 24th to the 25th, will likely see intermittent heavy rains, with a significant increase in precipitation projected from the 26th to the 28th.