Shenzhen endures intense heatwave as surface temperatures consistently surpass 50°C over 3 days


11th July 2024 – (Shenzhen) Shenzhen is currently enduring an intense heatwave, with surface temperatures consistently surpassing 50°C over the past three days, creating conditions akin to a “giant steam cage,” particularly during periods of thunderstorms. This extreme weather phenomenon has prompted local meteorologists to issue prolonged heat advisories and health officials to recommend rigorous sun protection and heat avoidance measures.

As reported by the Shenzhen Meteorological Bureau, a yellow high-temperature warning has been in effect citywide since 3rd July, marking eight consecutive days of severe heat. Today, temperatures peaked at 36.9°C, with meteorologists forecasting continued high temperatures coupled with rainfall over the coming days.

The forecast suggests a slight reprieve with increasing cloud cover and intermittent thunderstorms expected from 12th to 13th July, potentially easing the oppressive heat slightly. However, from 14th to 17th July, the city should prepare for more scattered showers and the ongoing risk of localised heavy rains.

Early morning observations on 9th July recorded cement surface temperatures once again exceeding 50°C. While these readings are notably high, they differ from air temperatures, which can sometimes feel even more intense due to the urban heat island effect. In some areas, ground temperatures have even reached a staggering 70°C.

The combination of high humidity, frequent rainfall, and the potential for typhoon formation in mid to late July adds to the challenges faced by Shenzhen’s residents and city planners. The Meteorological Bureau continues to monitor these conditions closely, providing updates and advisories as necessary.