Sharon Stone’s pride shines through as she celebrates her son’s achievements

    Roan Joseph

    28th February 2024 – (West Hollywood) Sharon Stone, the renowned actress at 65 years old, took to Instagram on Tuesday to express her overwhelming pride in her 23-year-old son, Roan Joseph. Sharing a photo of Roan displaying his chest and arm tattoos, Stone couldn’t help but gush about him in her caption. She wrote, “Proud of you @roanjosephstone. Well done.” The image showcased Roan’s ink, which included a heart adorned with a wristwatch and a cross hanging from a chain.

    While Stone didn’t provide specific details about the reason behind her pride, she also shared a closer-up version of the photo on her Instagram Story with the same caption. In the snapshot, Roan wore a serious expression, complemented by a gold chain necklace and a brown beaded bracelet.

    Apart from Roan, Stone is also a mother to two other sons, Laird (18) and Quinn (17). She and her ex-husband, Phil Bronstein, adopted Roan in 2000 before their divorce. The couple had been married from 1998 to 2004. Stone expanded her family by adopting her second son, Laird, in 2005, followed by her third son, Quinn, in 2006.

    Stone’s journey as a single mother has been challenging, and she has openly shared her experiences. In June 2022, she revealed that she had endured multiple miscarriages, highlighting the lack of open discussions about the emotional and physical toll of such losses for women. Despite the obstacles she has faced, including sexual harassment, health issues, and divorce, Stone remains resilient and focused on being a present and engaged parent, as well as a responsible citizen.

    The actress has always prioritised her family over fame. In an interview with PEOPLE in October 2023, Stone expressed gratitude for choosing motherhood over a Hollywood-centric lifestyle, emphasising that her three sons are wonderful kids. Reflecting on her life choices, Stone stated, “I’m grateful that I chose the things that I did choose.”