“Shanshui: Echoes and Signals” – M+ unveils a new vision of landscape in landmark exhibition

Nicolas Party. Water Reflection, 2022. © Nicolas Party. Image courtesy of M+, Hong Kong

16th January 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s premier cultural institution, M+, is set to captivate audiences with the debut of “Shanshui: Echoes and Signals,” a groundbreaking exhibition opening on 3rd February 2024. Located in the burgeoning West Kowloon Cultural District, M+ redefines contemporary visual culture in Asia, offering a fresh perspective on the traditional concept of landscape, or ‘shanshui’, which means ‘mountain and water’ in Chinese.

This innovative exhibition, housed in the South Galleries, is a testament to the enduring legacy of East Asian ink painting, which has flourished for over a thousand years. “Shanshui: Echoes and Signals” stems from the M+ Collections, presenting nearly 130 works that probe the intricate interplay between natural vistas and human existence in our post-industrial, digitally-centred era.

Curated to inspire, the exhibition is divided into nine thematic sections, each a mirror to the other, reflecting the multifaceted interactions between art forms and the layers of connection between mankind and the environment. Notable artists featured include Guo Hongwei, Kan Tai-keung, and Zao Wou-Ki, whose diverse representations of landscape challenge and expand our understanding of this enduring theme.

The display is not limited to visual artworks alone; it incorporates an array of mediums, from sound and design to architecture. Visitors will encounter the contemporary with Miyajima Tatsuo’s LED installation and Liu Chuang’s major video installations, alongside a sculpture garden animated by Isamu Noguchi’s work and Vivian Wang’s sound installation.

“Shanshui: Echoes and Signals” promises dynamic longevity with scheduled rotations of pieces from internationally acclaimed artists and architects, ensuring a fresh and evolving dialogue with audiences. Complementary to the exhibition, M+ Cinema will host special moving image presentations, while a series of curatorial and public programmes aim to extend the reach of the exhibition’s themes.

As part of the exhibition’s immersive experience, General Admission ticket holders will gain access not only to “Shanshui: Echoes and Signals” but also to other compelling displays within M+, including the M+ Sigg Collection and the Special Exhibition Madame Song. Tickets are available for purchase through various online platforms, including the M+ website and popular ticketing services such as Cityline and Trip.com.

In anticipation of the opening, M+ extends an exclusive invitation to its members for a special preview event, where they can bring guests to share in this first glimpse of the exhibition. Membership benefits include unlimited General Admission access, highlighting M+’s commitment to fostering a community of art enthusiasts.

Concession tickets ensure inclusive access for students, children, seniors, persons with disabilities, and CSSA recipients, underlining M+’s commitment to community engagement.

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong aligns itself with this cultural milestone as the exhibition’s Hotel Partner, promising a luxurious complement to the artistic journey offered by M+.