Shanghai-bound Royal Air Philippines flight makes emergency landing in Hong Kong after power bank explodes mid-air

File photo.

20th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A Royal Air Philippines flight with the designation RW602, en route from Boracay to Shanghai on Monday, was forced to make an emergency landing at Hong Kong International Airport. The incident occurred when a passenger’s power bank exploded, resulting in smoke filling the cabin. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

A video captured the immediate aftermath of the explosion on board flight RW602. The footage shows smoke billowing from the front section of the cabin, gradually enveloping the air inside. Understandably, some passengers were terrified and quickly moved towards the rear of the aircraft to avoid inhaling the smoke.

Responding promptly to the emergency situation, the captain made the decision to perform an emergency landing in Hong Kong. Authorities swiftly arrived at the scene, including airport firefighters and emergency rescue personnel, who efficiently handled the incident. After approximately an hour, the situation was resolved, and the flight was able to resume its journey, reaching its intended destination of Shanghai at approximately 12.30am on Tuesday, causing a delay of three hours.