Sham Shui Po’s persistent parking shortage alleviated with the completion of an Automated Car Park System on Tung Chau Street


20th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) The city’s third public automated parking system, located on Tung Chau Street in Sham Shui Po, celebrated its completion with a grand ceremony on the 20th of April. The cutting-edge system features four four-story car racks, providing a total of 52 automated parking spaces. One of its notable highlights is the incorporation of “Fuzzy Logic” technology, which automatically selects the optimal parking spot within the system, allowing drivers to park or retrieve their vehicles in just over two minutes on average. With monthly rentals starting at HK$3,300 and hourly rates at HK$19, the system is set to be operational in the near future.

Situated at the junction of Tung Chau Street and Yen Chow Street West, the AIM Concept Parking Services Limited Car Park covers an area of 5,130 square meters and offers a minimum of 210 parking spaces, including the 52 automated parking spots. The system comprises four sets of four-story vertical-horizontal shifting car platforms, utilising chain-driven mechanical parking equipment. Vehicles are moved vertically and horizontally by the car platforms, allowing convenient access to the ground level. The vertical lifting speed reaches up to 4.5 meters per minute, while the horizontal shifting speed reaches 7 meters per minute. Additionally, the system utilises “Fuzzy Logic” technology, automatically selecting the most convenient parking space at the time, ensuring a smooth and efficient parking or retrieval process for drivers, which takes just over two minutes on average.

When parking, drivers simply need to reverse their vehicles onto the designated car platform, ensuring the handbrake is engaged, the side mirrors are folded, and the doors and windows are securely closed. They can then proceed to the adjacent control panel, where they input their license plate number and a personalised password, and confirm the system’s prompts before leaving. The system will automatically assign the most convenient parking space. For vehicle retrieval, drivers can enter their password on the screen, and the system will transfer their vehicle to the designated pickup location. Once the car platform comes to a stop, drivers can board their vehicles and drive away. The car park also plans to introduce a mobile application in the future, allowing drivers to pre-book vehicle retrieval and expedite the process.

Moreover, the car racks are equipped with solar panels, serving a dual purpose. They provide shelter to parked vehicles, protecting them from wind and rain, while also generating electricity that can be sold back to power companies, potentially reducing the operating costs of the system. The operator expects the system to be operational in the short term, with monthly rentals starting at HK$3,300 and hourly rates at HK$19. The maximum weight limit for each vehicle is 2,500 kilograms, with a size limit of 5 meters in length, 2 meters in width, and 2 meters in height.