Sha Tin Racecourse’s spectacle of speed ushers in Year of the Dragon with flair and fortune

Picture source: HKJC/Facebook.

12th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Sha Tin Racecourse, the Chinese New Year Raceday unfurled its vibrant tapestry of celebration today, marking the third day of the Lunar New Year with a flourish that befits the Year of the Dragon. Amidst the thunder of hooves, racegoers immersed themselves in an array of spectacular festivities, each seeking to court Lady Luck in what many hope will be a fortuitous year.

Under the auspices of the dragon—an emblem of power and luck in Chinese culture—the racecourse was awash with energy and expectation. Patrons were seen engaging with the tradition of spinning lucky windmills, a gesture believed to beckon good fortune. The windmills, festooned throughout the venue, twirled in the hands of hopefuls, while others were captured by the lenses of cameras, providing a picturesque backdrop to the day’s jovial proceedings.

The air of the racetrack was palpably lighter this year; many an attendee remarked on the improvement over last year’s festivities, with the notable absence of facial masks allowing for unmasked smiles and expressions of cheer—a subtle yet significant return to pre-pandemic conviviality.

Mainland tourists, drawn to the unique pulse of the Hong Kong racing scene, converged upon Sha Tin to incorporate the raceday into their holiday itinerary. They shared in the local sentiment, noting the racecourse’s animated atmosphere and lauding it as a hallmark experience—a testament to Hong Kong’s rich cultural tapestry.

As the day unfolded, the racecourse played host to 11 races, the starting gates opening at half-past noon. The anticipation built towards the afternoon’s pinnacle event, the HK$3.72 million Class 1 Chinese New Year Cup Handicap. Scheduled as Race 8 at five past four, the race promised to be a highlight in a day replete with competitive spirit and pageantry.

In a nod to the traditions that underpin this festive period, racing aficionados were gifted a “Fortune Pen,” a symbolic keepsake to scribe their dreams and aspirations for the year ahead. Moreover, the allure of a chance to win a designated 24-karat gold foil ornament added a lustrous touch to the day’s prospects, marrying the thrill of the race with the prospects of fortune—a coupling as old as the sport itself.