SF Express denies evidence of data breach


11th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) In recent days, there have been several cases of personal data leaks, one of which involved a courier company. SF Express Hong Kong has released a statement today (11th) addressing the issue. The company states that it has been made aware of the situation and has initiated an internal investigation. As of now, there is no evidence suggesting that the leaked data originated from SF Express. Nevertheless, the company will report the incident to the Privacy Commissioner’s Office. Last Wednesday (5th), a sample file named “Hong Kong Express” was uploaded, containing personal information such as the names, phone numbers, addresses, and tracking numbers of 299 individuals.

In response to these developments, SF Express Hong Kong emphasises its unwavering commitment to information and network security. The company has implemented and continuously improved privacy protection management systems to ensure the utmost security of customer privacy. To safeguard customer information, SF Express will report the incident to the Privacy Commissioner’s Office and cooperate with any necessary investigations.