Several local and international newspapers criticised by Chinese media for inciting violent protests in Hong Kong, Jimmy Lai of Apple Daily accused as the main perpetrator


24th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) As the anti-extradition fever continues to spread all over Hong Kong, a pro-Beijing Chinese media has published an opinion piece criticising several local media (in particular Apple Daily) & international newspapers in United States and Europe for publicising news targeting police and promoting anti-establishment ideology. They have incited the younger people to engage in violent acts during the anti-extradition protests. Apple Daily was described as the ‘poisonous apple’ used by Jimmy Lai, the founder to infuriate the young people. He was alleged to be the mastermind, main perpetrator and key organiser of the violent acts.

The article further pointed out that the situation in Hong Kong is deteriorating while violent outbreaks continue to escalate. Several news reports from New York Times, Apple Daily, BBC and CNN intentionally left out many incidents in which protesters initiated the first attack. None of them published the pictures and videos of the violent attacks by the protesters. Most often referred to Beijing government as the mastermind which manipulated the Hong Kong government to suppress the protesters.

The article again referred to Apple Daily’s political stand as pro-Western and anti-Beijing. The media openly called for the independence of Hong Kong on several occasions. Jimmy Lai also blatantly requested the assistance of the American government to interfere with Hong Kong’s internal affairs. He was spotted leading the protesters in several street marches and giving instructions to them to fight against the police. In short, he was the evil mastermind who orchestrated many violent acts by poisoning the minds of the young people in Hong Kong.