Seven men, including teenagers, fined for wearing shorts not covering thighs in violation of Islamic dress code in Malaysian state

Picture source: Sinaran Harian

20th March 2023 – (Kota Bharu) Seven men have been fined by the Kelantan Islamic Religious Affairs Department in Malaysia for violating the Aurat law, which prohibits exposure of certain body parts in Islam. According to a report by the Sin Chew Daily, the men including teenagers, aged between 10 and 20 years old, were targeted in a joint operation by the Kelantan County Council, County Health Department, and the National Anti-Drug Agency last Friday for wearing shorts that did not fully cover their thighs.

The operation was conducted following public complaints about alleged commercial activities involving hookahs at a restaurant near Gertak Chaber. “During the operation, we raided six hookah kitchens and issued warning letters under the 2009 licensing, trade, commerce and industry laws,” said a spokesperson from the Kelantan County Council. “At the same time, the County Health Department issued 11 fines totalling RM1,900 (HK$3,337) under the 2004 tobacco revenue control law. We also issued five fines totalling MYR 1,500 under the 2009 food hygiene law, making a total of RM3,400 (HK5,262) in fines.”