Serial bogus male reporter attempts to commit suicide from the 7th floor of New Town Plaza after his identity as a female reporter was exposed by civilians


17th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 9pm, civilians on the 4th floor of New Town Plaza surrounded a male reporter with a fake reporter pass. The bogus reporter was caught with a fake press reporter ID showing a female name ‘Ava Wang, Chan’ purportedly from RMHK Television.

He then banged his head against the glass panel on the 4th floor before running to the 7th floor of the mall. He then threatened to kill himself by standing precariously on the rooftop. Firemen and police subsequently rushed to the scene to talk him into returning to safe position.

Picture credit : Wailok Wong

According to sources, the man used to work at a local non-profit organisation known as SoREC before starting to pose as female reporter. Whenever his identity was exposed in the past, he would often threaten to commit suicide.

He was also a conman who set up an entertainment company which organised an online singing competition about 10 years ago. He was sentenced to one year probation service in 2009 for cheating. (Case number : TMCC 3284/2009). Whenever netizens exposed his identity, he would threaten to kill himself.

‘Ava Chan’
A fake press reporter ID was found on him.
Picture credit : Leung Chun Mun
Ava Chan was a conman before he was sentenced to probation service.
The man usually cross-dresses as a woman named Ava Chan.
The man usually cross-dresses as a woman named Ava Chan.