Senior female employee of Blackrock Investment Hong Kong who evaded compulsory quarantine located by Department of Health


20th March 2021 – (Hong Kong) It was reported earlier that a female executive of a U.S. investment company was listed as a close contact subject to compulsory quarantine, but she was missing and she was suspected to be wanted by the authorities. Her husband, who was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier, is also an employee of another U.S. investment bank, JPMorgan Chase in Chater House, Central. The missing female executive, now in her 40s, has worked in the senior management for about six or seven years in Blackrock Investment Hong Kong at 16/F Champion Tower Three, Garden Road in Central.

JPMorgan Chase

The spokesperson for Blackrock Investment replied yesterday evening that the Centre for Health Protection stated earlier today that “one of our employees has contacted us”, “we have fully and promptly cooperated”, and added that “compliance with relevant epidemic prevention regulations is essential for effective response to this time. The public health crisis is of utmost importance. Compliance with relevant regulations is an important part of safeguarding the health of all our employees and the society at large.”

According to information received, she had disappeared after being listed as a close contact and was suspected of staying in a high-end hotel in private. When responding to media enquiries at 7.40 pm yesterday, the Department of Health stated that the case tracking office had contacted the person concerned and had made relevant quarantine arrangements.