Senior executive of a chain restaurant group cries in court and reveals that his wife left him after being extorted by 31-year-old staff who slept with him


7th July 2022 – (Hong Kong)  A senior executive of a chain restaurant group developed an intimate relationship with his female staff and they had sexual intercourse in a hotel room every month. However, the executive was later concerned that if the incident was exposed, it would affect the company, so he distanced himself from the woman. She subsequently suspected of demanding HK$500,000 from the senior executive. The female defendant, Wong Sa-sa (31), denied one count of extortion, alleging that from 10th September to 6th October last year, she improperly demanded the male victim X to hand over HK$500,000 by means of intimidation. The court has issued an anonymous order for the male victim X, and the media is not allowed disclose his identity.

The trial continued today in the District Court, and the defence cross-examined the male victim X. X was emotional when he was cross-examined, saying that he felt like being judged, and even revealed that his wife left him after learning about the case, crying, “My wife is gone” and “I want to get back my wife.” He also said that he doesn’t know where his wife is staying now. The court had previously issued an anonymity order to the male victim X, prohibiting anyone from reporting X’s identity and the name of his restaurant chain, and imposed conditions yesterday to prohibit reporting X’s background and criminal record.

However, the defence is still asking about X’s criminal record prompting the judge to once again remind the defence not to violate the restrictions of the anonymity order. When X continued to be cross-examined by the defence this afternoon, he also expressed his hope to complete the evidence within today. He speculated that his wife was staying at her parents’ house for a while and planned to pick her up tonight. The case will resume tomorrow (8th).