Security guard assaulted and tied by thief at Yen Sheng Centre in Kwun Tong


11th December 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 4am today, a male security guard who was taking over the shift of another colleague found out that he sustained head injuries with his both hands tied at the staircase of Yen Sheng Centre on Hoi Yuen Road in Kwun Tong. Police arrived at the scene to investigate and sent the conscious victim to the hospital for treatment.

An empty cash box was found at the corridor of a restaurant on the 2nd floor of the building and the person-in-charge was notified. After a preliminary investigation, the case was classified as theft. According to the injured security guard, he stumbled upon a thief wth a cash box leaving from the back door of the restaurant on the second floor of the building. The thief immediately assaulted him and tied both his hands before fleeing.