Secretary of Security supports establishment of national security law in view of the increased terrorist activities in the city


24th May 2020 – (Hong Kong) John Lee, Secretary for Security, published an article on a website titled “Terrorism Breeds and Supports the Establishment of a National Security Legal System and Implementation Mechanism”. He pointed out that since last year, there have been more than 10 cases involving explosives and dangerous items. There are various signs that local terrorism is breeding in Hong Kong. The public must face the problem squarely and not allow terrorism to take root in Hong Kong. He continued that the police seized different explosives, including TATP, which are commonly used in foreign terrorist attacks, and the attack methods are similar to foreign terrorist attacks. In addition to explosives, the police also seized real guns and a large number of bullets. The government is looking closely at the situation, it is not ruled out that it will increase the level of threats of terrorist attacks. The police are likely to cordon off high-risk locations, conduct high-profile patrols, and conduct security checks in public places. The public must cooperate to ensure their own and social safety.

Lee also pointed out that in the past year, there have been more and more risks in Hong Kong that have endangered national security. Hong Kong, a safe city, has become more susceptible to terrorist activities. Therefore, as the Secretary for Security, he fully supports the National People ’s Congress to consider the establishment of a legal system and enforcement mechanism for safeguarding national security, authorising the Standing Committee of the National People ’s Congress to formulate relevant laws. He believes that effective prevention and suppression terrorist sabotage and activities in accordance with the law will help Hong Kong build a safe and stable city and protect citizens’ life and property to ensure Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability.