Secretary for Food and Health hopes the daily COVID-19 vaccinate rate will increase further, expanded vaccine bubble may be implemented earlier


15th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) Secretary for Food and Health, Professor Sophia Chan elaborated to reporters on COVID-19 vaccination rate and school reopening after attending a radio programme today.

She said that she is glad that the vaccination rate has increased in the past two weeks. Everyday there is about 40,000 people having vaccination, be it the first dose, second dose or the third dose. The government hopes this trend will maintain so that the vaccination rate of the overall Hong Kong (population) can be increased, in particular the elderly.

Meanwhile, the elderly population vaccination rate has increased as well, but the government hopes that especially for those over 80 years old – the vaccination rate is only about 25 per cent, will increase.

The government is doing its best to provide more sites for vaccination and to facilitate people wishing to have their first, second or third dose taken all over Hong Kong. With increased number of vaccination centres, with more healthcare facilities, such as the Hospital Authority, the Department of Health, and also our District Health Centres and District Health Centre Expresses, have participated in offering more vaccination throughout this time.

As far as schools are concerned, the decision will be made by the Education Bureau whether schools will be reopen after Lunar New Year. She said that with the success of controlling the epidemic in Hong Kong, hopefully after the Chinese New Year, many activities can be resumed.

She also added that if the number of confirmed cases decreases and the results are seen, she hopes that the expanded vaccine bubble can be implemented earlier on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year to allow restaurants to reopen. At present, discussions with the catering industry have begun on the implementation process, and the Innovation and Technology Bureau is also preparing to install vaccination records into “LeaveHomeSafe” app and will provide another verification program for the person in charge of each restaurant to use.