Secretary for Food and Health bewildered over new Delta case of unknown sources in Causeway Bay


17th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) The number of COVID-19 cases has dropped to single digits in recent days. The Secretary for Food and Health, Dr.Sophia Chan said on the radio program this morning (17th) that the authorities extended the measures because the epidemic was not completely under control and there were still potential transmission chains in the community. For example, it is pointed out that the authorities must continue to do a good job of tracking. However, she was also surprised by the emergence of Delta case of unknown origin involving the female employee of Little Boss pet shop in Causeway Bay.

Regarding the Silka Seaview Hotel in Yau Ma Tei, there have been 6 confirmed cases successively. Chan said that the authorities have taken environmental samples at the hotel and asked other quarantined persons staying near the confirmed cases to extend the quarantine time. She also said that government personnel have visited the hotel, and the crowd management and personal protective equipment of staff have all met the requirements.

In addition, the New Year’s Eve flower market is cancelled, and it is expected that the flow of people at the flower market in Mong Kok will increase. Chan said that the FEHD and the police will step up inspections and appeal to the public not to gather and not to block the passage. She pointed out that she understands that the public needs to buy Lunar New Year’s goods, but she hopes that everyone can shorten the shopping time to help reduce the occurrence of congestion.

Gabriel Leung, a government expert advisor and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, mentioned that, according to foreign studies, the plastic partitions installed on the countertops in restaurants may actually hinder the air flow. In response, Chan understands that some restaurants in Hong Kong are small in size but the authorities need to know what direction the team will take after reviewing.