Second phase of relaxation of social distancing measures implemented in schools, students allowed to attend half-day activities including graduation ceremonies


19th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) In response to the government’s earlier announcement, the Education Bureau today (19th) implemented the second phase of relaxation of social distancing measures, including allowing students to participate in half-day activities without removing their masks. They will also be allowed to attend graduation ceremonies, parents’ day, open days and campus visits. Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens can also arrange for students to participate in non-academic extracurricular activities that do not require removing masks for half a day on Saturdays, such as music or sports activities and school team training.

However, students attending the events must still comply with the relevant venue’s epidemic prevention requirements for those entering the venues. The Education Bureau stated that it believes that schools need to maintain daily rapid antigen tests, and the relevant arrangements will be extended till late June. The Education Bureau will continue to distribute rapid antigen test kits to students with financial needs through schools. The Government will review the development of the epidemic in due course, and will consider later whether it will adjust the arrangements for daily rapid antigen testing.