Second part of the raunchy video showing singer/actor Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong leaving the hailed ride together

Insert Picture credit : Still video from Apple Daily

17th April 2019 – (Hong Kong) Part 1 of the 16 minute video clip which contained the saucy moments between singer/actor Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong was published by Apple Daily yesterday. The news sent shockwaves across the Hong Kong entertainment industry and angered almost every local who had high regard for Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui as the industry’s golden couple.

Apple Daily released a second part of the video at 8.35pm today which showed both of them leaving the taxi/Uber ride at the same time. Jacqueline apparently told the driver to drop them off at her home at Lei Yue Mun. They had another male friend who got out earlier from the ride before both of them headed to Jacqueline’s home.

Apple Daily is obviously sensationalising this news by taking it to the next level by giving its readers a closing chapter for this dramatic episode of the complicated relationships. The second video was released to validate the affairs between the two of them but at the same time, it could potentially end Andy’s marriage with Sammi Cheng. However, we feel that all the parties involved should be given some privacy to deal with this burning issue as after all it’s a private affair.

According to sources, the driver allegedly negotiated for a price of HK$400,000 to release the exclusive video clip. We reported in an article yesterday that the driver could be sued in civil suit for leaking the video clip.