Second bomb hoax on passenger flight from HK to Shanghai within 4 days


14th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) A second bomb hoax case involving a Hong Kong Airlines passenger plane occurred in Hong Kong within 4 days. The latest incident occurred in the afternoon of today (14th).

It is understood that a Hong Kong Airlines flight HX246 to Shanghai took off from Hong Kong International Airport at about 1pm. About an hour later, someone left a message on the Airport Authority website and the Hong Kong Airlines chat room, saying that there was a bomb on the passenger plane.

After preliminary assessment, the affected passenger plane returned to Hong Kong and landed at 4pm. Some personnel working at the airport said that at the time of the incident, passengers alighted in an orderly manner under the arrangements of the police and boarded the shuttle bus to the passenger terminal. Although the atmosphere was tense, there was no chaos.

a similar case occurred on 11th September, when someone reported on the website of the Airport Authority that a Cathay Pacific CX390 passenger plane flying from Hong Kong to Beijing was planted with a bomb, causing passengers to panic. After the flight landed, an emergency slide was activated to evacuate the passengers and crew members, and a few passengers suffered physical abrasions in the process. After inspection, local law enforcement officers found no suspicious items on the plane.