Search operation for missing woman who went hiking near Suicide Cliff continues, belongings found


18th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) A netizen, Sophia Shek posted on Facebook saying that her 24-year-old sister, Shek Lok-kiu left her home in Nam Shan Estate in Shek Kip Mei on 15th April but there was no news after. She left home in her mountain shoes, green jacket and turquoise rucksack. The police were notified yesterday (16th).

Shek, who has been missing for two days is about 1.68 meters tall, weighs about 45 kilograms. She is of medium build, has a long face, yellow skin, brown and straight shoulder hair. According to Shek’s sister, her parents went out at about 10am two days ago. Shek was still at home then, but she was nowhere to be seen after they returned home at 3pm. She also told her parents that she would not have dinner at home that night. The last online time shown on her WhatsApp was 4.49 pm that day.

It is reported that she once told her mother that she was interested in hiking to the Lion Rock. Her sister also contacted friends who usually went hiking with her but they said they did not call each other the day before. The police checked the video footage in the housing estate and confirmed that she left the apartment at 2.20 pm that day. According to the information provided by the telecommunications company, the last time her mobile phone received the signal was 8am this morning and the location was San Po Kong. Anyone who has news of the missing woman or has seen her, please call or email the Missing Person Investigation Team of the West Kowloon Police Region, or contact any police station.

Some netizens said that they found a hat similar to Shek’s one when they hiked near Suicide Cliff at noon on 17th April.

It is understood that Shek’s sister did not have the hat at home. At the same time, after a group of netizens learned of the incident, they spontaneously formed a team to assist in the search, but they did not find her on 17th April. By 10pm, a large number of firefighters, paramedics and police officers arrived and the search operation was launched immediately. In addition, a cousin of Shek also joined several relatives and friends at the scene to wait for news.

As of today (18th), 6 men and women in mountain attire arrived at the scene to assist in the search. After searching the mountain, at about 2am today, one of her blue hiking shoes was found 500 metres away from the location where the hat was found, the government flying services sent a helicopter to the scene and circled the nearby hills and turned on search lights. At about 9am in the morning, the flight service team continued to hover over the scene to locate her, and dozens of volunteers participated in the search operation.

They found a rucksack and a windjacket but the victim has yet to be located.