Scarlett Wong returns to ViuTV as host

    Scarlett Wong (right) and Jacqueline Wong (left)

    27th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Local artist Scarlett Wong made her appearance as she announced her return to ViuTV and her role as a host alongside Hailey Chan, Snow Suen, and others in a new program. Reflecting on her journey, Wong shared a lighthearted anecdote about initially misunderstanding the producer’s intentions, thinking she was being approached as a contestant. She also candidly revealed that her decision to return was motivated by the recent passing of her father, as she sought to reengage with work and find solace amid negative emotions.

    Having previously been entangled in a controversy involving her sister, Jacqueline Wong, Wong was asked if she was concerned about any potential backlash upon her comeback. Hailey Chan, standing beside her, quickly came to her defence, emphasising that the program had four hosts who could share the responsibility, and she was more than willing to provide unwavering support to Wong. Wong herself expressed her belief that she needs to live her life and pursue her career, dismissing the notion of negative criticism. She also revealed that she had communicated with Jacqueline Wong beforehand, stating that she had made it clear not to discuss anything related to her sister, as everyone needs to move on. Wong further defended her sister, saying, “I know she made mistakes, but I don’t want you to treat her as if every breath she takes is wrong.”