Scantily-dressed prostitute who tries to escape arrest during police raid in TST turns out to be a man


22nd September 2022 – (Hong Kong) At about 4 o’clock this afternoon (22nd), a “woman” wearing a camisole with pink suspenders was found by passers-by sitting precariously on the canopy of the outer wall on the second floor of No. 33 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Some netizens took video of the “woman”. ‘She’ appeared to be terrified and subsequently climbed down to the ground from the the position of an air-conditioner. Many male by-standers appeared eager to help the scantily-dressed ‘woman’.

However, the police said in the evening that after investigation, they found that the “woman” involved was actually a man from Thailand. According to sources, the police were conducting an anti-vice operation in the building on the site at the time. It is believed that the man, who is believed to be a prostitute, climbed out of the window to escape arrest.

After preliminary investigation by the police, the case involved a 30-year-old Thai man who entered the country with a passport. He was later transported by ambulance to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The video clip went viral on social media today.