Scandal-hit Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom finally retaliates by saying he was living in fear during his 5-year marriage, wife demands nearly 880m NTD


    20th December 2021 – (Taipei) Wang Leehom, top singer of mandopop in Taiwan, announced on Wednesday (15th) that he and his wife, Lee Jinglei have filed for divorce. According to Taiwan News, Lee unleashed a nine-page tirade on Instagram on Friday evening that covered multiple aspects of their relationship in intimate detail. In the post, she lamented that if she had known beforehand that he wanted to live a “single life” she would never have married him and given birth to his three child.

    Wang finally responded yesterday night (19th), saying that he was living in fear during his marriage and was facing constant extortion. He claimed to be never unfaithful to his wife. Lee also demanded nearly 880 million New Taiwan dollars (250 million Hong Kong dollars) for alimony, and finally agreed on a figure of 660 million Taiwan dollars (about 180 million Hong Kong dollars).

    The following is the translation of his statement issued yesterday evening:

    Today is the saddest day in my life. It is a nightmare of intense and painful pain. My dilemma is that if I refute so many false accusations, it will be bad for the mother of my three children. But if I do not respond, everyone will believe those allegations are true. So my social responsibility is to respond to each of them and at the same time I will taking into account the feelings of the mother of my three children. This is very difficult. There must be some imperfections. For these imperfections, I apologise first. I really don’t want to hurt her, let alone hurt our children. They are all my family members, all of me, my favoruite. Then I want to make the first important point clear: I can say with certainty that I have never been unfaithful during our marriage.

    I met Michiko Nishiwaki during my concert in 2003 but i did not contact her for almost ten years. I also found the first conversation record in our mailbox today, in which she also called me a “stranger”, and when I told Lee that I did not see her, she was already 26 years old at the time, and it was not during our adolescence as Lee alleged. Our marriage was from 27th November, 2013 to 5th August, 2019 when we separated. For 5 years and 8 months, I have lived under fear, blackmail, and threats. She was pregnant not long after we were together. I was surprised and happy because I was very eager to have children, but we had not yet come to the stage of talking about marriage. However, she was very excited that day, saying, “If you don’t marry me today, I will disappear, change my name, and the child in my stomach will never be seen in your life. Don’t try to find me, you will never find me” (The words were recorded as evidence in a discussion with a wedding consultant in 2016). I was very scared at the time, but I think she was serious and said that we must register on that day. I can’t imagine that I will never see my child again.

    When I saw her being so emotional, I nodded and agreed. We registered in New York City on the same day. That day, I thought it was the most frightening day of my life. Unexpectedly, it was a piece of cake compared to what happened recently. During our five-year and eight-month marriage, I admit that we continued to have problems. From March 2014, I started to see a psychologist who specialises in marriage. In total, I saw 5 experts, but in the end, unfortunately, I have not been able to really recover.

    I hope that together we could face this challenge bravely. I sincerely hope that we could still have a harmonious family life after marriage. After the separation, we began to seriously discuss the marriage agreement in December 2020. She told the mediator that if I did not cooperate, she would expose to the media about things that would ruin my career (the mediator said there was a recording file, but I have not heard of it), but in short, Lee is not what she claimed to be.

    At the beginning, she asked for about 200 million yuan. In the end, they both agreed to the sum of 150 million yuan in total, including half equity of the US$12 million Los Angeles house in Bel-Air, half of the joint investment investment account of US$15.67 million etc. As well as a monthly living allowance of US$210,000. In addition, a babysitter, a driver, a private car, a 24-hour helper were also requested. She also requested to live in their Taipei’s house for free until 18 years later and so on. All these were agreed so that she can live comfortably, but she has always felt that these offers are still too little, and money is really not the point. The point now is that we have three precious children. Now that I choose to speak in public and the only thing is that I must use this only channel to talk to her. Please only face me and I am willing to listen all your requirements but the Internet is really a world that will leave traces wherever you go. You have used it to ruin me, please, please, don’t let these records make our three children face more unbearable growth in the future, especially during this time, I really ask you to allow me to meet them.

    Lee, I regret that I did not meet your psychological standards to qualify as your husband. In addition, as a public figure, I want to apologise to the public for not running my own marriage. To all the innocent friends who were involved, I bow and apologise to you. My personal marriage has affected you. Here, I want to apologise to my parents. Thank you very much for your handwritten letter last night, because I didn’t manage my marriage well, I made my parents tired. I’m very sorry! I’m sorry! In the end, my writing is not as good as Lee, but as I mentioned earlier , I will respond to her 5,000-word long false accusation letter.

    Wang Leehom

    Excerpt of the agreement posted by Wang on his Facebook.