A couple who sold everything to sail the world on a boat that sank 2 days into the journey


(Florida) A couple sold everything to buy a 28 foot sailboat so that they could sail the world. They set off from Tarpon Springs, Florida and unfortunately, their boat sank two days after their maiden voyage. The boat struck an underwater object forcing them to abandon ship. They were rescued near Gulf of Mexico near Maderia Beach.

The 28 foot sail before it sunk (Nikki Walsh/GoFundMe)

They were left with only their dog, Remy, their social security cards, some clothes and a mobile phone now.

“I sold everything I had to do this,” Mr Broadwell told the Tampa Bay Times. “I lost everything in a matter of 20 minutes.”

The capsized sail boat (Nikki Walsh/GoFundMe)

Both Mr Broadwell, 26, who is originally from Florida and his  girlfriend,  Ms Walsh, 24,  got tired of the sales lifestyle and decided to give up everything to sail around the world. Both of them worked hard to save money to invest in a sail boat named Lagniappe.

The interior of the boat when it started to sink (Nikki Walsh/GoFundMe)

The sunk boat remains in the water, and the coast guard has told the couple it could cost up to $10,000 to remove and store it. They only have $90 left now.

We guess couples have to be realistic and save a little bit more before they can embark on such a dream. On hindsight, perhaps they should have both gone for a proper sailing course before making such a drastic decision.


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