Salesman, 36, receives 15-year sentence for continuous sexual assaults on daughter


22nd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) A 36-year-old pharmacy salesman, identified only by his initials CLS, has been convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison for a series of grave sexual offences against his own daughter, beginning when she was just eight years old. The case, which has shocked the community, was deliberated in the High Court, where the judge condemned the man’s actions as “utterly inhumane and monstrously selfish,” predicting lasting psychological scars for the victim.

The disturbing string of abuses began in 2016 and persisted through to March 2021, during which the victim, referred to as X in court documents, was subjected to increasingly severe assaults. The prosecution detailed that the first incident occurred when X was eight. CLS initiated contact under the guise of a bedtime routine, escalating to an attempted rape. Days following the initial assault, he forced her into performing oral sex, manipulating her physically throughout the ordeal.

The situation briefly improved in 2019 when X moved to her grandmother’s home. However, due to claims of inadequate care at her grandmother’s place, X returned to her father’s residence, where the assaults continued as she entered her teenage years. Despite her resistance, her father coerced her into further degrading acts, including more instances of forced intercourse.

The abuses came to light when X confided in a school teacher, leading to police intervention. Although a forensic examination did not find new physical evidence of rape, the psychological impact on X was evident.