Saizeriya customer brings own cup noodles to restaurant


9th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) A lively online debate has emerged following a controversial event at a Saizeriya restaurant in Hong Kong. A customer was seen bringing their own noodles to the establishment and consuming them with the restaurant’s sauce, raising questions about the appropriateness of such behaviour.

According to a post on a local Facebook group, a customer had brought their own noodles to a Saizeriya restaurant and was seen eating them with the restaurant’s sauce. The post included a photo of the customer’s noodles, which had been placed on a plate and were accompanied by a pair of chopsticks.

The incident has sparked a lively discussion online, with some netizens expressing their disbelief at the customer’s behaviour. “I can’t believe this happened at Saizeriya! How could they allow this?” one netizen exclaimed. Others were more understanding, suggesting that the customer may not have been aware of the restaurant’s policy prohibiting outside food and drinks.