Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival 2022 features artworks by 9 local artists on Yim Tin Sai island and Sharp Island

Artwork by Dylan Kwok. Everything is in God’s Hands. The creation of this installation has followed a winding path that leads to a core that reflects our inner conditions. The site is located at the sixth spot, Resurrection, along Father Dominic Chan’s “Nature Trail of Reconciliation”. The location was situated on a prior soccer field, adjacent to The Holy Ground aka Yim Tin Tsai’s graveyard. Like our lives, this place is filled with intertwined memories of happiness and sorrow. The creative journey of this “Hand of God” might be blessed by the Genius Loci (architectural term), where challenges, infinite loops and Hong Kong soccer slangs become the inspirations of this interactive monument.

17th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) Looking to the south from Sai Kung Town, the Sai Kung Hoi is surrounded by Sai Kung peninsula, Kau Sai Chau and Clear Water Bay peninsula. With the natural barrier of the studded isles and the natural inlets, the waterways of Sai Kung Hoi is calm all year round. Rich in natural ecological resources as well as historical and cultural heritage, many places in the Sai Kung Hoi, such as Yim Tin Tsai, Sharp Island, Kau Sai Chau and High Island, etc., are popular for visitors during holidays.

Margaret Chu

Since 2019, Tourism Commission has organised a new three-year pilot tourism project in Yim Tin Tsai, namely the Yim Tin Tsai Arts Festival. Through collaboration amongst local and non-local artists, youngsters and villagers, the Arts Festival has turned the island into an “open museum”, bringing a new and unique travel experience integrating arts, religion, culture, heritage and green elements to participants.

Upon completion of the Yim Tin Tsai Arts Festival in 2021, some artworks showcased have been retained at Yim Tin Tsai as exhibits for visitors’ appreciation. To leverage the successful implementation of the Yim Tin Tsai Arts Festival under the pilot project and sustain its momentum to showcase the unique culture and the valuable natural ecology and heritage of the islands in Sai Kung District, another three-year Arts Festival, namely Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival will be launched later with Yim Tin Tsai as the centre and reaching out to Sharp Island, Kau Sai Chau and High Island. The Arts Festival will diversify the tourism offerings and enrich local and non-local visitors’ experience, blending the rich history, local culture, heritage and natural environment of Sai Kung Hoi with Hong Kong’s creativity and arts atmosphere.

Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival 2022 will be held in Yim Tin Tsai, which is full of Catholic and Hakka culture, and Sharp Island, which has unique natural landforms. A total of 9 local artists were invited to create art works, and villagers’ collaboration elements were added to reflect local life stories and the natural environment. Among the 9 works of art, 6 are located in Yim Tin Tsai, and 3 are located in different scenic spots on Sharp Island. Visitors can enjoy the natural ecology of the island while walking around the island looking for art traces.

In addition to the artworks, there are also different exciting programmes and guided tours during the Arts Festival. However, most of the guided tours and programmes for the first two weeks of the Arts Festival are already fully booked!

Second round of registration for guided tours and programmes (1st -14th December) will be available for booking from tomorrow morning at 10am.

These exciting programmes include:

Sharp Island

2nd &11th Dec: Sharp Island, Sharp Photos

3rd Dec: Family Treasure Hunt

4th Dec: War on Sharp Island

9th Dec: Joy of Mindful Walk

Yim Tin Tsai

4th ,10th &11th Dec: Salt Making Workshop

10th Dec: Music Performance: Love and Peace Mini Concert

Join the Artists Workshops

3rd & 4th Dec: Join the Artist: Play with Water Dragon (Artist Joseph Chan) @Yim Tin Tsai

10th Dec: Join the Artist: A Grand Pineapple Bun Tour (Artist Maoshan Connie) @Sharp Island