Safety concerns rise as pet dog encounters rat glue trap at West Kowloon Cultural District


25th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) At the West Kowloon Cultural District, a one-year-old French Bulldog named Winter stepped onto a rat glue trap during an evening stroll with its owner. The event has sparked significant concerns over the placement of such traps in areas frequented by pets and children.

The incident occurred last Sunday when Winter, along with other Bulldogs, was playing near the M+ museum area. The dog suddenly found itself ensnared by a glue trap placed inconspicuously near a column. Panic ensued as Winter struggled, showing signs of distress and rapid breathing. It took nearly an hour for the pet owner, after consulting a veterinarian, to carefully remove the adhesive from Winter’s paw, fortunately without any lasting injury.

This occurrence has led to a public outcry regarding the use of rat glue traps in outdoor public spaces. Critics argue that these traps, which are notoriously difficult for animals to escape from, pose a severe risk not only to wildlife but also to domestic pets and small children. The incident has prompted the West Kowloon Cultural District’s management to withdraw all glue traps temporarily and to reassess their placement strategy.

The management explained that the glue traps are part of their regular pest control measures, typically placed in areas not accessible to visitors or animals to monitor and control the rodent population. However, following the incident, they acknowledged that a trap had been displaced from its intended hidden location, leading to this unfortunate event.

Further scrutiny from pest control experts has highlighted that glue traps are a cruel method of pest control, already banned in several countries due to their indiscriminate nature which can harm non-target species such as birds, cats, and dogs. Local animal rescue groups have reported numerous cases where young cats and birds, trapped by the adhesive, suffered severely, unable to escape, leading to starvation or severe injury.