Russia’s foreign policy concept targets U.S. hegemony


31st March 2023 – (Moscow) Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a new version of the Foreign Policy Concept, which aims to end the United States’ hegemony and create a multipolar world. In the document, Russia expressed its intention to counter any “neo-colonial and hegemonic ambitions” of the United States and eliminate its dominance in world affairs.

Russia’s Foreign Policy Concept envisions a world where countries have equal rights and are free from coercion and pressure. The document emphasized the importance of establishing a balance of interests between Russia and the United States to maintain strategic parity and peaceful coexistence.

According to the concept, Russia is ready to cooperate with the United States on the condition that the latter abandons its policy of forceful domination and revises its anti-Russian course. The prospect of normalisation of Russia-U.S. relations depends on the U.S. willingness to interact with Russia.

The concept also criticized the United States’ strategic policy in Europe, which aims to deepen dividing lines and undermine the competitiveness of the economies of Russia and European states. The document accuses the United States of limiting the sovereignty of European states and ensuring its global dominance.

Russia sees the normalisation of relations with Europe as an essential aspect of its foreign policy. The concept stresses the need to develop mutually beneficial relations with European countries and to promote the integration of Eurasia.

The Foreign Policy Concept, approved by Putin on Friday, replaces the 2016 version and came into force immediately. The document outlines Russia’s foreign policy priorities and its vision for a multipolar world.

The concept affirms Russia’s commitment to international law, the United Nations Charter, and the principles of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs. The document also highlights the importance of ensuring global stability and security, countering international terrorism and extremism, and promoting disarmament and non-proliferation.