Russian scientists explore quantum technologies for cancer diagnosis and treatment

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13th February 2024 – (Vladivostok) Russian scientists have initiated groundbreaking experiments using quantum technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, according to reports from the Future Technologies Forum 2024. The report, titled “Quantum Technologies for Medicine,” highlights the untapped potential of quantum technologies, particularly quantum computers, in the field of medicine.

The two-day Future Technologies Forum, which commenced in Moscow on Tuesday, is dedicated to exploring the future of medicine. The analytical report emphasises the significance of quantum algorithms in genome assembly, developed by the Russian Quantum Centre, Quboard, and Genotek. This breakthrough method has facilitated the study of new species, structural changes in DNA that are undetectable through mapping, and genomic rearrangements in cancer cells.

Quantum machine learning is identified as another promising application in cancer research. By leveraging the potential of quantum machine learning, researchers can discover new biomarkers for cancer treatment. Quantum algorithms have been developed to classify genomic data significantly faster than conventional computers, enabling more efficient analysis in the field of genetic diseases.